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Hypocrisy in War

War will never be given the adjective “beautiful” because the very nature of war is one of death and destruction. You won’t find a commander describing the advancement of his army towards the enemy as being the same thing as watching a sunset over the watery horizon. The reason, of course, is because war is the breakdown of the image of God in man, and this is far from alluring. When peace is side-stepped, war is espoused, and when war comes about no one is thinking about flowers and art. War has its bruises and scars, and we better make sure it’s the right kind of bruises and scars.

Perhaps even worse than the war itself is the unrighteous means of fighting the war. What we don’t want to see are soldiers who don’t know how to use their weapons, nor do we want soldiers completely oblivious to the various strategies and tactics in advancing towards the goal. We can’t have our infantryman completely inept at cleaning the gun, and we certainly can’t have the cooks feeding the soldiers toxic-laden foods.

Speaking of toxins and mandated vaccination, we have a self-inflicted problem in our current campaign against tyranny and I’m here to sound the alarm. Someone has to do it.

At this point in our war against obstreperous humanism, Christians have by and large proven themselves to be the inept infantryman. With mandatory vaccination for public schools becoming the norm in places like New York and California, many Christians have rightly raised their own blood pressure. However, I have to confess that the ire, though red as wrath itself, is completely injudicious. It’s the hypocrisy in the war. It’s short-sighted. Our anger is aimed at the wrong thing.

Government education has been a socialist scheme ever since Horace Mann decided it was a satisfactory conclusion. Funded by plunder and theft through the vehicle of compulsory taxation, government education is owned by…. the government. And, for a long, long time, Christians have been fine with violating God’s command to “not steal” all in the name of “our schools.” Note the word “our” is code for collectivism. They are not “our” schools, and they are not “our” kids. My kids are my kids, stewarded for the glory of God. They are not, despite your collectivist pipe dream, your kids.

Government controlled education is fairly self-explanatory, don’t you think? Made more palatable under the guise of local control (e.g., school board elections), the reality is, the Federal Beast will have control of what children are taught, including things like sexual deviancy and how to be a better socialist. Of course they want to inject your child with poison–that’s what they do. They control. They manipulate. They steal, plunder, and destroy. It’s how the system is designed to function. They will tell the child what to think and they will make sure that neurotoxins and adjuvants are making their way into the bloodstream and brains of their young, Statist padawans.

What I’m suggesting is that we must not give ourselves over to the hypocrisy of thinking we can fight against a government that wants to inject aborted fetal cells into the bloodstream of their constituents in the public school all the while defending the public-school system. That’s the ineptitude. That’s a sure way to let the enemy win.

When we wrongly use biblical principles—applying them in one way over here, while applying them in another way over there—we are deploying any army of blundering soldiers who don’t really know what it is we’re supposed to be doing. We cannot and must not trade principles for pragmatism.

Christian: the only way you’re going to win this fight is by fighting God’s way. This requires consistency across the board, and it certainly connects to other issues, much like the cook in the army connects to the Humvee driver on the front line. The God of the Bible who grants individual liberty on things like medical freedom is the same God who does not grant the State the right to steal from others in order to give people an ostensible education. Parents, you are the teachers (Deuteronomy 4). The State exists to punish evil, not legalize evil (Romans 13:1-7).

I submit to you that we will not win this war until we get consistent and on the same biblical page. Ditch the pragmatism and stand on the rock of God’s word. If you’re a Christian and you fear that your government-controlled school is going to mandate vaccination by fiat law from the State, then please don’t keep your kids in the school and pretend that you’re going win that battle. Walk away from the socialist program, conform to the law-word of God in every area of life, and start fighting with biblical principles, not humanist pragmatism. The difficult thing about hypocrisy is the fact that the only solution is repentance and based on the wide-spread silence of the pulpits, that’s going to be a difficult pill for many to swallow.

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